Turn Your Food into Art with Custom Cone Sleeves

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Custom Cone

Create personal designs that can be applied to any ice cream packaging available. Any design that you choose can be resized and altered to fit any type of package. These are great for personalizing ice cream truffles, sorbet, floats and much more. These custom Kraft printed boxes can be made in various sizes and shapes for those small packets of delicious drink mixes. Custom printed lunch bags, lunch packs and other such products that need to be shipped to various locations are some of the many things that can use these custom printed box options.

Product Designs

A good way to help make certain that your products get noticed by customers, is to have custom cone sleeves for all of your product designs. Customers tend to look for unique and novel designs, especially since there are countless designs to choose from. You can find many different uses for these custom sleeves, particularly since custom printing can be done on almost any surface, including paper and plastic. Among other things, ice cream packaging has been among the most popular in recent years.

Custom Cone Sleeves

Many companies use these custom cone sleeves to help advertise their brand. They are able to have custom printed sleeves made, which carry the brand’s logo, as well as the message the company wants to convey. One thing that you should be aware of is that your custom printed boxes will not look good if your brand logo is very small. Keep Healthy on the Budget. Likewise, you must make sure that your brand logo is spelled correctly. Otherwise, your logo may not look as professional as it could if it was spelled correctly.

Kraft Boxes

Aside from this, kraft boxes can be used to package anything. In fact, kraft boxes are among the most commonly used packaging materials in the world. Their durability makes them a great choice for all of your food and beverage packaging needs. From popcorn boxes, to cheese packages, to yogurt packaging, kraft boxes are among the most used and best selling packaging materials.

Kraft is a major brand name that is known for producing quality and durable packaging materials. This is why custom cone sleeves are so popular with companies, who want to promote their brand. These custom printed packaging materials are attractive and appealing, which helps to make them one of the most popular promotional items. Kraft also manufactures disposable boxes that can be used for kraft cereal packaging, in addition to other brand name products. By using Kraft ice cream cones, you will be helping to spread the message about your brand and give it visibility by putting it in front of consumers everywhere.

Custom Cone

Types of Custom Cone Sleeve

There are many different types of custom cone sleeve options available. You can choose from flatbed embossing, foil stamping and multi-colored printing. Flatbed embossing involves the use of a machine that embosses designs on the top surface of the box. Foiling is the most popular option when it comes to printing. The foil coating creates a lacy look that catches the light and attracts customers’ attention. Multi-colored printing can be either spot printed or embroidered.


When choosing a custom design and printing method, you need to take into account the dimensions of your product. You will want to create custom sized sleeves for bottles of drinks and other products, since most people do not prefer buying large items. Customized and embossed custom cone sleeves allow you to customize the look of your products and effectively promote your brand name. While you may think that custom ice-cream cones are more expensive than foil stamping or spot printing, you will be surprised at how inexpensive these options can be.

Eco-friendly Kraft Printing Company

You can also work with an eco-friendly kraft printing company to create a custom cone sleeve that is made of recycled milk jugs. Using recycled milk jugs helps reduce the landfill waste produced by most companies, since plastic bottle waste often lands in the landfill. By promoting eco-friendly business practices and helping consumers make a difference, your business will feel good while also doing good. Contact a kraft printing company today to learn more about how they can help you design eco-friendly krafts that are both delicious and good for the environment.

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