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Key realities 

  • HIV keeps on being a significant worldwide general medical problem, having asserted just about 33 million lives up until now. In any case, with expanding admittance to viable HIV anticipation, determination, therapy, and care, including for shrewd contaminations, HIV disease has become a sensible ongoing medical issue, empowering individuals living with HIV to lead long and sound lives.
  • There were an expected 38.0 million individuals living with HIV toward the finish of 2019. 
  • Because of purposeful worldwide endeavors to react to HIV, the inclusion of administrations has been consistently expanding. In 2019, 68% of grown-ups and 53% of youngsters living with HIV around the world were getting long-lasting antiretroviral treatment (ART). for more information
  • An extraordinary dominant part (85%) of pregnant and breastfeeding ladies living with HIV additionally got ART, which secures their wellbeing, yet additionally guarantees avoidance of HIV transmission to their babies.
  • Toward the finish of 2019, an expected 81% of individuals living with HIV knew their status. 67% were getting antiretroviral treatment (ART) and 59% had accomplished concealment of the HIV infection with no danger of tainting others; around 27 million juvenile young men and men in the east and southern Africa had gotten avoidance administrations including VMMC. 
  • By June 2020, 26 million individuals were getting to antiretroviral treatment, denoting a 2.4% expansion from a gauge of 25.4 million toward the finish of 2019. By correlation, treatment inclusion expanded by an expected 4.8% between January and June of 2019.
  • The quantity of new individuals beginning treatment is far beneath assumption because of the decrease in HIV-testing and treatment inception and ARV interruptions that happened during the COVID-19 pandemic. By the end of 2020, testing and treatment rates showed consistent however factor recuperation. 
  • By and by, somewhere in the range of 2000 and 2019, new HIV diseases fell by 39% and HIV-related passings fell by 51%, with 15.3 million lives saved because of ART. This accomplishment was the consequence of extraordinary endeavors by public HIV programs upheld by common society and global advancement accomplices.
  • Be that as it may, achievement has been variable by locale, country, and populace; However, not every person can get to HIV testing, treatment, and care. Quite, the 2018 Super-Fast-Track focuses for diminishing new pediatric HIV diseases to 40 000 was not accomplished. Indeed, even preceding the COVID-19 pandemic, a decrease of new diseases and passings had leveled; worldwide 90/90/90 focuses for 2020 are in danger of being missed except if the quick move is made. 
  • Because of holes in HIV administrations, 690 000 individuals kicked the bucket from HIV-related causes in 2019 and 1.7 million individuals were recently contaminated. 
  • To arrive at the new proposed worldwide 95/95/95 targets, we should try harder to keep away from the direst outcome imaginable of a half-million overabundance passings in Sub Saharan Africa, expanding HIV diseases because of HIV administration interruptions during COVID-19, and the easing back general wellbeing reaction to HIV. 
  • Mediations should zero in on the populaces left-behind: Key populace gatherings and their sexual accomplices represented more than 62% of all new HIV diseases internationally among the age bunch 15-49 years in 2019. In eastern European and focal Asia, Asia and the Pacific, western and focal Europe, and North America, and the Middle East and North Africa, these gatherings represented more than 95% of new HIV contaminations in every one of these districts.
  • WHO characterizes key populaces as individuals in populaces who are at expanded HIV hazard in all nations and districts. Key populaces include men who engage in sexual relations with men; individuals who infuse drugs; individuals in jails and other shut settings; sex laborers and their customers; and transsexual individuals. 
  • Extended HIV vulnerability is regularly linked to legal and social variables, creating openness to change circumstances and creating barriers to unavoidable, quality, and moderate HIV expectation, testing, and treatment administration. HIV with appropriate intermediaries And to stop HIV.
  • Moreover, given their living conditions, the scope of different populations might be especially helpless, and an expanded danger of HIV contamination, like juvenile young ladies and young ladies in southern and eastern Africa and native people groups in certain networks. 
  • More than 66% surprisingly living with HIV live in the WHO African Region (25.7 million). While HIV is common among everyone in this area, an expanding number of new diseases happen among key populace gatherings. 
  • HIV can be analyzed through fast demonstrative tests that can give same-day results. HIV individual tests are progressively accessible and give a viable and satisfactory elective approach to build admittance to individuals who are not gone after HIV testing through office-based administrations. Fast tests and individual tests have enormously worked with analysis and linkage with treatment and care.
  • There is no solution for HIV disease. Be that as it may, powerful counteraction intercessions are accessible: forestalling mother-to-kid transmission, male and female condom use, hurt decrease mediations, pre-openness prophylaxis, post openness prophylaxis, willful clinical male circumcision (VMMC), and antiretroviral drugs (ARVs) which can handle the infection and help forestall ahead transmission to others. 
  • Science is moving at a high speed, and there have been two individuals who have accomplished a ‘practical fix’ by going through a bone marrow relocation for malignant growth with re-imbuement of new CD4 T cells that can’t be contaminated with HIV. Nonetheless, neither a fix nor an antibody is accessible to treat and ensure all individuals as of now living with or in danger of HIV.


Human immunodeficiency infection (HIV) focuses on the insusceptible framework and debilitates individuals’ protection against numerous contaminations and a few sorts of disease. As the infection obliterates and weakens the capacity of insusceptible cells, contaminated people bit by bit become immunodeficient. Resistant capacity is normally estimated by CD4 cell check. 

Immunodeficiency brings about expanded weakness to a wide scope of contaminations, malignancies, and different sicknesses that individuals with solid invulnerable frameworks can fend off. 

The most exceptional phase of HIV disease is (AIDS), which can require numerous years to create if not treated, contingent upon the person. Helps is characterized by the improvement of specific malignancies, contaminations, or other extreme long-haul clinical signs.

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