Gas mask water pipe

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Gas mask water pipe

A gas mask water pipe is one of the smoke accessories that make your smoke experience more exciting. It wouldn’t be wrong to say it is a novelty item due to its cool designs and many other features.

Gas Mask Water Pipe 

It is so true that if you find a new way to inhale smoke then you’ll surely try it, right? So wearing a gas mask water pipe is a cool way to smoke marijuana and weed. But I wouldn’t say that the popularity of these masks is due to their appearance. No, not at all several reasons behind it make them worth using.

This fascinating smoke inhaling device is the face mask that is usually attached to the bong. When you put it on a light lit up inside and you’ll not look less like a superhero. The smoke THC gets to fill up inside and you inhale for perfectly flavorful vapes. Thus there is nothing wrong to say that the use of these gas masks is a personal choice.

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But do keep in mind that it’s firstly originated to keep man safe from the poisonous gas. Because, it traps the smoke inside it and doesn’t let it escape the outside environment. Hence these gas mask water pipes are fantastic in design as well as in performance. Now I’m sure that you’re getting interested in it, right?

Let’s dig into more details of these mask bongs:

Gas mask bongs updated attributes

So with that said, there’s no doubt in the fact that these gas mask bongs not only give smooth smoke experience but also great powerful hits. Thus are you ready to enjoy the thrilling adventure? If yes then let’s drag down:

Provide hotboxing feel

Have you ever experienced the hotboxing term? It is the process of inhaling weed or other smoke in a small enclosed place. Thus this small place could be your bathroom, car, or something else. Hence the deficiency of any ventilation makes the smoke trap in that area. So the gas mask water pipes work just like the hot box.

Effective hits

Most weed smokers prefer to use these gas bongs. Thus now many retail and online shopkeepers have started selling these masks in great percentages. So the brilliant benefit of these masks is you’ll properly feel when you get the strong hits. Hence along with the super hits, it is also effective for safety purposes.

How does this gas mask water pipe work?

The working process of these gas mask bongs is very simple. Using the smoke makes for weed inhaling is the same as bongs. If you’ve never tried it then you must give it a chance. So for the beginners here are some steps that you’ll have to follow for its first-time use:

  • First of all, take fresh and pure marijuana and prepare it in a grinder
  • So do make sure that the particles are fine in powdered form
  • Thus now fill the water pipe with a good amount of water according to your bong size
  • Now place the powdered herb in the bowl
  • After this open the strap and try fixing the gas mask water pipe properly in your head
  • So do keep in mind that you should leave the mask with some space
  • Keep yourself comfortable
  • Thus now attach the bowl with a water pipe

Lighting process to smoke:

  • Now it’s the time to light up your herbs
  • So cover the holes with a finger
  • Lit up the marijuana and do make sure not to burn it too much
  • Thus now weed is ready to smoke
  • Inhale slowly and enjoy
  • So place the smoke in mind for 2-3 seconds before exhaling
  • Don’t panic at all
  • After this remove the mask and make yourself easy on the couch

Final thoughts

So, on the whole, the gas mask water pipes come in an affordable price range and thus are great in demand. These are good devices to enhance your smoking ways. These masks include various designs. They are available in several materials like the silicon mask, ceramic mask, metal mask, etc. hence you can pick the one that you like. Therefore try them now and give your kind feedback to us!

Thank you!

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